Hello! It’s tsuyume!

This is my first post!

I started my photography page on instagram, since the photo quality isn’t good enough, i decided to try make a blog instead.

The Rain Dream [blog title] made from my username which is “tsuyume“. Tsuyu means rainy season and yume means dream in japanese.

I take photos. Of course. But actually, i can’t focus on one hobby, so if you want to know, i’m doing many hobbies.

I captured anything. People, animal, flower, house, grass, branches, beach, forest, cafe, trees, anything. Anything i’m at. Even a table.

My friends, sometimes, think of me as a weird person, but sometimes, they called me genius. But the weird one came out more often. Mainly because i do things what other people won’t. 

Let’s stop here. 

Since the blog name is “rain dream”, i’ll share my rain photo as the very first post here.

The end of the post, i hope my works are pleasing enough to see.


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