“Your singing voice, That follows deep into the night, brings the scarlet morning One step, then another step Dawn passes by and When that moon falls asleep, then the blue light that was with me disappears” – 4o’clock, BTS


How’s your monday? May this firework could cheer you up!

Sun Showered Pines

Don’t you just love it? How the morning dew on the pine leaves showered by the sun🌞💧

Mr. Airplane

“Stop for a moment, it’s raining The wind is blowing, it’ll be dangerous if you go now Hey Mr. Airplane Stop for a moment, there’s a lot of time There’s tomorrow too so let her come off or let me get on” – Airplane, iKON

Hello! It’s tsuyume!

This is my first post! I started my photography page on instagram, since the photo quality isn’t good enough, i decided to try make a blog instead. The Rain Dream [blog title] made from my username which is “tsuyume“. Tsuyu means rainy season and yume means dream in japanese. I take photos. Of course. But…